Why do I have panic attacks when I workout? (Explained)

Today I’ll be answering why you have panic attacks when you workout.

Everybody works out at some point in their life.

But what happens if you have panic attacks while doing the action – why does it happen more importantly?

Let’s see.

Why do I have panic attacks when I workout?

It’s from the intensity of your workout. Aerobic workouts are a big cause for these panic attack filled moments.


Aerobic workouts are a big reason that people get panic attacks while working out.

What they do is increase your heart rate and make your blood pump faster than usual.

And what both of these things does is increase a chemical known as cortisol in your body, making it easier to have a panic attack.

Here’s a small video on the topic.

Increased heart rate

An increase in your heart rate’s a big thing that happens in an aerobic workout.

Cardio is made up of motion exercises that are made to raise your heart rate.

As we should know from our past posts, imbalance is the number one thing in the body that causes these type of issues.

Faster blood flow

As you could imagine​, if your blood is pumping too fast then that’s going to do damage to your system.

This actually relates directly to the heart because it’s what pumps the blood.

Blood flows all through your body and everybody handles increase in speed of blood flow differently.

Depending on your body’s makeup, you might be more likely to have an organ explode during a workout.

This is close to when people say they experience a “high” when working out, but that’s why you’re gonna want to be familiar with what you’re doing when exercising.

At the very least, take baby steps to reaching harder workouts.

Doing this let’s your body get used to the feeling, rather than shocking it into a panic like state.

Final Thoughts

This post is about working out and what leads to panic attacks during them.

Aerobic exercises speed up the flow of blood and increased heart.

This post is only one of a few from the anxiety series.

And as usual there will be 2 books that’ll be recommended while the anxiety posts keep coming.

First is Dare.

And the other is Herbs for Depression.

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