Why do hands cramp during panic attacks? (Explained)

Today I’ll be answering why your hands would cramp during a panic attack.

This is yet another post from the anxiety series that you can find in the mental health page.

Why do hands cramp during panic attacks?

Hands cramp during panic attacks because of muscle tension. It leads to muscle cramps and spasms. That, and dehydration. It’s been known to hit other areas as well such as legs, arms, back and feet. It’s even been linked to anxiety disorder.

Muscle tension

Tension anxiety causes muscle tension.

Muscle tension is the feeling you get when your muscles start to spasm, usually caused from some type of activity that involves resistance.

Depending on the way you react to a panic attack (which is a resistance type of activity) it could involve the use of your muscles.

Think of it as a workout without any of the benefits you would get in a controlled scenario.

There’s muscles that make up a majority of your buildup.

For those who’s unfamiliar with anatomy, it lays right on top of your skeletal structure.

It’s the meat of your body (more or less).


The reason why the muscle tension happens Of because of dehydration.

When your muscles are working hard from an activity, it uses water.

When dealing with the water in your muscles, if you use too much, it causes the spasm known as a cramp.

Back in my wrestling days, I had the same issue.

If I had known about this book, it would have been a big game changer

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The herbs actually have effects that can sustain hydration better.

However, I still take full responsibility in the lack of knowledge when it came to nutrition for my wrestling.

It’s a full cycle though when you look at it, muscle activity (muscle tension) plus dehydration equals muscle cramps.

Anxiety Disorder

Most panic attacks are usually linked to anxiety of some sort.

The panic attacks are generally linked to fear of some sort.

That’s actually a major key in anxiety, fear.

Anxiety attacks are caused by situations that are perceived to be stressful.

But panic attacks are much more random in comparison.

Final Thoughts

To sum things up again, you may get cramps during panic attacks because of muscle tension.

With that muscle tension, it could lead to dehydration which can cause those cramps.

What do you think?

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