Why do I get anxiety about going to work? (4 reasons explained)

Today I’ll be explaining why you may get anxiety about going to work.

It’s splendid to have this as the final post from our anxiety series!

Why do I get anxiety about going to work?

Depending on if you’re in a Content based job or on the other side, there’s a lot of different reasons. First could be having too long of work hours. Also is having too high of stress (for many different reasons) or self esteem problems. And possibly even related phobias.

Too long of work hours

One of the main reasons why people are too scared of going back to work is the long hours that their place of work is looking to give them.

It’s funny because most jobs are presented as a 9-5 (with weekends off) but are usually everything but.

It seems as if the jobs today are making you work hours longer every day, and on top of that ask you to work weekends for them as well.

Everyone has different reasons as to why they would agree to work such long hours.

Some do it for the opportunity to pay their bills.

Maybe even some spending money for “wants” instead of needs.

The anxiety however, could come from a variety of reasons.

In fact, one of the big ones is health concerns.

Depending on the location, the spot may have their safety in question.

For example, they could be around dangerous chemicals, heavy machines or other things.

The stress from working long hours in these conditions increase your chances of getting hurt on the job, or maybe even a heart attack.

High stress

As I said before, stress is another reason why people would be too scared to go to work.

One of the main clues to seeing that you could be getting stressed about the thought of going to work is getting nervous.

There’s many different things that you could get nervous about.

Maybe you’re nervous about doing well on the job.

There could be thought of someone that you look at as a rival doing better than you on a project or task that you’re both expected to get done.

There’s even the thought that you may get hurt like what was said earlier.

The feelings of being nervous can get to a point where it’s anxiety.

The feelings of nervousness are the baby steps, where if untreated can compound into bigger issues.

Also, there’s been a surge of news going around lately about things like the economy going down and big company takeovers.

There’s working class people who are stressed out about the thought of even losing their job.

As I mentioned before, there’s people that are extremely attached to their money and their job is their only source of income (making the thought of anything messing with it gives them anxiety).

Self esteem

This section’s about self esteem, but your co workers play a big role in how you feel about yourself.

Depending on what or who you’re dealing with, they can either build you up or break you down.

It’s definitely the case in what you think or feel about yourself, or even the people around you could make a difference in how you feel.

You have to think that you’re capable of doing well in your job and that you’re a good fit for the program that you’re a part of.

One quality that’s good for your self esteem is learning to use the skill of initiative.

Initiative is doing things that need to be done without having to be told to do them.

If you work on that then you’ll feel 1000x better about the work you do and the people you’re around.

You’ll feel good about yourself because you’re motivated to be apart of something bigger than yourself.

Without self esteem you’ll be too easy to manipulate.

Co workers that have low self esteem tend to get caught up in all of the drama and low ranking activities.

Related phobias

The phobias that are linked with being too scared to return to work are pretty predictable.

One of the things that are popular with workers is OCD.

OCD is known as obsessive compulsive disorder, and for sure this is an issue that can get in the way of enjoying working or getting any done.

Workers that have this usually want to control all aspects of their job.

They may get nervous about being managed.

Micro-management, macro, the list goes on, the worker with an aggressive case of this allows this to get in their way.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) plays a role as well.

This is looking at anxiety that work’s on a smaller scale.

In the workplace, and going to work, it could be something like being scared you’ll get into a car crash on the way to work.

Or scared that you’ll have a regional manager or something along those lines surprise you at work and you’ll be unprepared.

If there’s the chance that anything could go wrong, the person with GAD can imagine it happening.

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