Why do I have such bad paranoia at night? (Explained)

Today I’ll be answering why do you have such bad paranoia at night.

This is yet another post from our anxiety series that you can find on the mental health page.

Why do I have such bad paranoia at night?

You most likely have paranoia because you have trouble sleeping. There’s a variety of reasons that you could have trouble sleeping, some reasons are more common than others, but the most popular is from daily stress. The stress can come from an unhealthy lifestyle that brings bad habits into your life.

Lack of sleep

There’s a lot of things that could affect your mental struggle known as paranoia.

The first is lack of sleep.

A big factor of why you may be experiencing this situation is from constant daily stress.

There’s plenty of things that could stress someone out.

The everyday struggles of life: bills, family relationships, deaths and other things.

But with all of those things, it could compound to symptoms of mania.

Mania is when you’re going crazy because of these symptoms.

You might see things through hallucinations, you might start hearing things that were never said and just put in a state of severe delusion.

Daily stress

It can be stressful to meet the expectations of having to get 7-9 hours of sleep.

Especially when the reason you’re going through daily stress can be something as frustrating as feeling an imaginary threat is coming to get you.

The scary thing about this symptoms is that it attacks you when you’re at your most vulnerable.

A big factor that determines how much this symptom will affect you is how you react to it.

The best way to compare this feeling is being a prisoner of war.

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