Has there ever been an NFL game with a 2-0 score?

Today I’ll be answering if there’s ever been an NFL game with a 2-0 score.

These are fun questions that any person that cares about trivial facts about the NFL would like.

This is gonna be fun to do, because it took me a while after a few games of playing Blitz, in where I learned that you could get 2 points off a safety.

Has there ever been an NFL game with a 2-0 score?

Yes. There’s actually been 5 games that ended with a 2-0 score in history. It was the Akron Pros vs the Buffalo All Americans, Kansas City Cowboys at Buffalo Rangers, Frankford Yellow Jackets vs Packers, Packers at Bears, and it happened yet again with the Bears at Packers.

Pros vs All Americans

There was a team known as the Akron Pros, and they were a stamp in the history of NFL football.

They were going strong until the year 1925, where after that season they ended up changing their name to the Indians.

The team ultimately gave up their name and broke up in 1927.

But they were a part of a game that ended up with a 2-0 score against the Buffalo All-Americans.

The All-Americans joined the league in 1920 and had dominant season consistently.

But when they went against the Pros in November 29, 1923, they were on the losing end of a 2-0 game.

It was actually the first game ever that had a score like this.

Cowboys @ Rangers

The Kansas City Cowboys first started off as the blues.

They were founded in 1924 and grew to the name that they have during the years 1925 and 1926.

Their team colors were a basic black and white.

They were actually on the low end of the spectrum when talking about their performance as a team.

Their percentage was a mediocre under 500 record in their first two seasons, but went on to have a 4th place finish in the league on their third year.

They are actually half of our second matchup between the rangers.

The rangers were stationed out in Buffalo.

It’s probably hard to keep up with this team because they went through a lot of different changes in their name.

They first started off as the all stars, then went under the name “Niagaras,” and from there, the prospects.

They went on to have 4 more names after that.

But the game that they had a 2-0 score was with the rangers.

This game happened as the second one ever.

November 21 1926 was the date in which the cowboys beat their team by the 2-0 score.

Yellow Jackets vs Packers

The yellow jackets were the first established franchise that went on to become the Philadelphia eagles.

They had a pretty dominant reputation, having scored a shutout of 20-0 against their first competition in the NFL.

They were officially known as an NFL team in 1924, and was the first professional football team for Philadelphia ever!

They actually won a NFL championship only 2 years after they were official in 1926.

The team that they ended going against in which the score was ended in a 2-0 shutout was the Packers.

The yellow jackets were on the winning side of this matchup.

Packers @ Bears

The packers should get an award of some sort, just because they pop up 3 times throughout this question.

The packers have a win with their first meeting with the bears in when the obviously won 2-0 in October 16, of 1932.

Bears @ Packers

And the same result happened yet again, when the Bears went to the Packers stadium.

The only difference was that the bears won this exchange.

The year was 1936.

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