Is it easier to get into the NFL or NBA? (Answered)

Today I’ll be answering if it’ll be easier to get into the NFL or the NBA.

Both are pretty big organizations that bring a lot of money and attention to the sports of basketball and football.

There’s hundreds of thousands (even millions) that fight tooth and nail just to get a spot in the professional league.

This could be a very useful post for anyone trying to get into a league or play at the highest level.

Is it easier to get into the NFL or NBA?

NFL. There’s less spots in the NBA, making it harder to get drafted. There’s critics that thinks it takes more skill to get in the NBA too. The sports fans also think that natural human instincts compliment football because humans are thought to be more violent in nature. With that said, there’s also an argument to be made that it can be harder to make it in the NFL because you’re risking your health, because it’s a full contact sport.

Less Space in the NBA

There’s less salary cap space in the NBA because their players are typically paid what they’re worth, unlike the NFL counterparts.

On average, NFL players are underpaid for 3 years while under contracts that at least are supposed to last for 4 years.

When there’s less money that can be given out from a professional league it makes it harder to actually get in.

There’s way less spots available in the NBA than there is the NFL, and it’s far from close.

The NFL has a larger fan base and brings more money in, which allows them to have more players in their league, plain and simple.

Do athletes have a natural feel for football?

There’s arguments made by athletic fanatics, about football athletes being able to excel easier in their sport because of the natural feel it encourages.

On Reddit there’s been users that argue about football relying more on physical abilities, and basketball requiring more skill to be competitive.

Some of the points being made that the learning curve to reach the next level in each sport is way easier for football than it is for basketball.

It really could depend on the position you’re talking about in football though, because the responsibilities range further in football.

In basketball, the expectations are pretty similar for the most part.

And without relying on much contact to get the job done, it leaves a lot of your value to your skill of handling the ball.

Harder to keep health in football

Although it’s thought of it being easier to get into the NFL, there are some obstacles that make it harder to get in.

One of the hardest things is staying healthy enough to get drafted into the league.

As mentioned before, Football is a way more violent sport than basketball (maybe any other sport for that matter).

There’s tackles, collisions and other acts that’s encouraged by players to make the game more interesting.

With this type of action, it makes it hard to stay healthy enough to reach the next level.

You’re dealing with a sport that makes you physically dominate your opponent through almost any means necessary.

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