Which is more popular, NFL or college football?

Today I’ll be answering which is more popular, NFL or college football.

At first thought, I thought it would be college football.

I thought that was the case because there’s more leagues that make up that one category of football, and the NFL is it’s own thing.

On top of that, there’s the NCAA (3 different divisions), NJCAA, NAIA, and possibly more that make it up, and depending on the size of the program, there could be fans to reflect it.

Which is more popular, NFL or college football?

NFL for sure. College football only pulls in somewhere between half and a quarter of what the pro league pulls in as far as views. I think it has something to do more with the fact that already proven players are all playing against each in a tougher league. Money can be one of the greatest motivations to ball out, so to speak.

100 mil vs 20 mil

The NFL earns over 100 million in viewers alone.

When you compare it to College football, you’ll find out that they earn only 20 million.

Now depending on how you rank viewers alone with popularity of a sport, you might say that NFL is a clear winner and it’s a done deal.

Regardless of what you think, viewers are indeed an important metric when discussing what’s more popular than the next thing.

College can bring more live fans

This point is an important one to make because although I think NFL is the more popular between the two, there’s still things that college does better.

The reason college fans might have a better showing at their events, is most likely because each week matters.

In theory, we’ve had posts that address the scenario of a team being able to make it into the playoffs with a losing record.

However, in college, you pretty much have to have an undefeated season to make it to the national championship.

16 compared to 14

The number 16 applies to the number of regular season games that teams in the NFL compete in.

And as you could probably guess from the number 14 next to it, that applies to the number of regular season games for most college programs.

What that means is that they have 2 more weeks of play than most teams in a college league.

2 more weeks of filling up seats in stadiums.

2 more weeks of gaining viewers on major networks, that builds up for the next event.

As you can guess, this is a reason that supports the NFL.

What the streets say

The streets are talking about what sport is easier to do and watch.

And surprisingly, they’re sharing a style that they prefer over the other, college football.

The fans (or yes, you can call them the “streets”) have made cases in where they think that it’s easier to understand the rules in college ball better than pro.

The basic rules are pretty much the same, but there a few differences that could change the entire outcome of the game.

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