What type of music do you like? (5 genres observed)

This page is used to focus on what type of music you like.

Probably more important of a question is what kind of music do you like?

Do you like music that you can discover on a platform like YouTube or Spotify?

I understand it’s an open ended question, but that’s why it’s important for you to engage and share your thoughts too.

For the sake of picking the popular genres (and adding a little originality), we’ll start off with the top 4 as shared by Statista.

And I’ve decided to throw in Rap to talk about a genre that I enjoy personally.

With that included, we’ll have 5 different types of music that we could explore.

Let’s get into it.

What type of music do you like?

I generally like and can appreciate all kinds of music. But to give us a variety of different types to listen to, we’ll start this page off with music that ranges in comparison. We’ll include: pop, country, R&B and soul, hip hop, jazz and rap.


Pop music is easy to listen to and enjoy.

It has a pattern and rhythm that’s repeated with lyrics, usually around the same theme.

If you like one pop song, you can usually warm up to another, and another.

“Why is that” you may ask, and that’s because they feel so familiar to its listeners.

The genre takes pride in having a catchy sound that’s easy on the ear (making it instantly likable).

Pop was discovered sometime around the mid 1950’s and was popular in the U.S. and the United Kingdom.

Since then it expanded to other regions.

It’s had some of it’s most successful runs from groups coming out of South Korea.

The fans that they pick up are outrageous.

In fact, you have fans that search all over the world just to get posters that their favorite pop artists have with their albums.

I actually have an article about fans that may be looking for posters with the K-Pop hit group, BTS.

Check it out if it applies.


County music is next on the list.

And I’m going to keep it real with you, as much as it is popular, country seems to have a rep as actually being bad.

Now keep in mind, this focus is on popular music genres.

And just because the music is popular, that’s only one half of the ingredients.

You can be popular for being disliked as well.

They say that country music has trouble making vocals that sit well with everybody, mainly because of the accent.

Now I’ll be honest, the only country song that I took a liking to was Wagon Wheel (by Darius Rucker), but of course, I may have a bias.

But I do agree, as big as it is, it does seem to have a one sided approach to how they make their sound.

There’s plenty of blogs and Q&A’s that agree with country being the worst genre, but it still sells at the end of the day.

R&B and Soul

Now you may have noticed that I grouped R&B and Soul together.

Some may agree with that decision, and some may disagree, but soul is indeed a sub genre of R&B music.

Soul actually dominated the charts that included R&B in the 1960’s.

On top of that, it also crossed over to the pop genre overseas.

It extended to as far as the Britain area (with its start being in the U.S. of course).

Soul itself was so big that there was a few more subs that came from the genre, funk and disco being the most recognized.

For those just learning about the genre, R&B stands for Rhythm and Blues.

It should be easy to see why you could group the two together, it takes soul to have rhythm and sing about the blues.

An interesting fact about it was before it got the name R&B, it was simply called “race music” until the 1940’s.

Hip Hop

To start things off, hip hop is made completely different than any other genre of music.

There’s a lot of different elements that make up a hip hop song.

You can call these traits that can help you point out whether a song would be considered hip hop.

They’re known for sampling beats, using DJ’s with turntables and a big one’s the ability to break dance to the rhythm.

It’s fair to say that there’s more of an equal separation with the vocals of the MC and the beat when making this type of song.


Rap music is so popular because of the raw lyrics that get put into the message.

When we break down the big difference between the hip hop genre and rap, we can actually get it down to that one word, a message.

If you followed my older post on why rap is so popular, it explains it down to a science.

Rap actually got it’s official title after the release of a song by Sugar Hill Gang (titled Rapper’s Delight) in 1979.

This is actually my favorite type of lyricism that could be put into a song.

The beats are a cool product, but when someone’s able to speak to your soul and give you the conversation that you’re looking for, it’s priceless.


Jazz music was an important part of culture for an entire society at a time.

Final Thoughts

So these are the 5 genres of music that makes the form of entertainment so fun.

  • Pop
  • Country
  • R&B and Soul
  • Hip Hop
  • Rap

They’re all unique in their own way, and it shows in the numbers that they do as a whole.

But what do you think?

Leave a comment and share what you think!

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