What is the best-rated college football team? (Answered)

Today I’ll be answering what’s the best-rated college football team.

What is the best-rated college football team?

Although Georgia is the returning champs. My pick is Ohio State. I’ve always been a fan of the Big Ten conference, and have a bit of a bias since one of my “biggest” unexpected supporters in high school (when I wrestled) ended up getting a scholarship to play for the buckeyes. But their fans are one of the best in all of college football.

Let’s talk Georgia

Yes, Georgia’s the returning champs.

It’s just a fact.

Ohio State

They got a chance to make the college national championship game.

Although they had somewhat of a beat down at the hands of Michigan, the win that Utah Valley had against USC in the PAC-12 championship game is giving them a chance.

There’s more though.

Kansas State also had a big win against TCU that seems to increase the likelihood of a semifinals rematch between the two powerhouses known as Ohio State and Michigan.


This has been their schedule record so far at this point.

High School/Winners Unite

I mentioned above and in my about me page how big of a wrestling fan I am.

But did you know that one of my biggest supporters in high school went on to be an Ohio State buckeye?


Buckeyes get social

I hardly focus on team pages when it comes to social media (except the Las Vegas Aces, they’re great [and I can back up why] ).

But our official Twitter page gives me updates on important news about sports teams.

Twitter Popularity

Thanks Elon!

Because of you and your new team, I’m getting updates on things I actually find interesting.

And if you use your thinking cap, you can guess what team I got the news about making the playoffs.


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