Have you heard of philanthropy tank? (Analysis)

We’ll be seeing if you’ve heard of Philanthropy Tank.

If you never have then this non-profit organization might be one that you want to check out.

Philanthropy is the mission of changing the world through a useful product or service.

And I think this company does it well.

Let’s look at why that is.

Have you heard of philanthropy tank?

They’re an organization that supports the following: Arts and Culture • Community Development • Education and Youth • Environmental Activism • Food Insecurity • Health and Human Services • Human and Gender Rights • Racial Equity

Arts and Culture

The arts and culture is a huge part of defining the history of a group of people.

One emphasis on art that the group focuses on is the making of music.

They have a program called Art for the soul where they bring instruments and music teachers to low income middle schools.

Philanthropy tank collaborates with the likes of over 5 different programs and graduated over 50+ students from this program as a result.

Community Development

Education and Youth

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  1. […] This came to me from learning more about the Patterson Rocks program, started by the Baltimore Philanthropy Tank group. […]


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