Health (The 3 Piece Guide)

Welcome to the health page.

This post is intended to help you understand better about why health is important.

There’s a few things to cover, so let’s get into it.


The three things that make up our health as human beings are mental, physical, and emotion.

Mental Health

The mental part of your health is arguably the most important.

Mental health is something we all have.

There may be people who think otherwise, but I believe there’s a difference.

To me, mental health is just the general thing that we have which can be matured into a great thing or it can work against us.

There’s actually an anxiety series that was started to touch on the challenges people who may have it face.

Physical Health

Physical health is one of the most popular of the three.

Most people think that physical health is either working out or dieting.

And yes, that is true.

The cool thing about this aspect is that it opens up into more subs.

There’s things that involve the muscles.

There’s also different diets that you can try that could change your life completely.

Most people’s journey to good physical health starts in the gym.

It might start at the grocery store.

Or even the vitamin store.

But same as most things, the best place to be is to pick something and start.

Avoid Disease and Infection

The idea of taking care of your physical health is to avoid a life that could revolve around being in the hospital.

With plenty of people feeling the effects of a recent Covid pandemic that stretched back as far as 2019, health should matter.

We’re finding situations where citizens are being forced to get vaccines to protect themselves from a virus.

A virus that we’re still learning about ourselves.

Yes, even 3 years after the scenario started.

Now I personally try to stay away from hospitals and things alike, especially because people are dying to get in.

Unfortunately they’re also dying when they leave often as well.

Okay, that’s on the more extreme side, but it’s still reality.

However, there are people that put themselves through uncomfortable situations to stay “healthy.”

There’s an article actually on muscle twitching from the vaccine that people were getting to fight Covid.

Emotional Health

The next is spiritual or emotional health (whatever you wanna call it).

I’d like to say that this area started the early times of civilization.

This was emphasized during the times of crusaders, beginning of priest, study of yoga and other things that were done.

Yes, I mean the things that bring you closer to a higher being.

The idea behind it is to give you a firm foundation that keeps you rooted (regardless of the outcome).

It’s actually a concept that most of the world could do better with, to promote more “togetherness.”

Final Thoughts

The three aspects of health this page covers is mental, physical and emotional.

Check out the links provided as they’ll take you to topics related (or that dive deeper on the subject).

Stay tuned.

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