Reflections of a Good Guy (Lyrics)

These are the reflections of a good guy lyrics.

I go by the name of DreadHeadJay, but you’d know that if you visited the about me section of the site.

Reflections of a Good Guy

You want a organized set of words that pay homage to Chucky, and since I enjoy the franchise he’s with, I made a rap. Obviously these are just the lyrics to the song made, but it’s available to buy now.

Good Guy Doll.

I can say this for something.

All these rappers out here fake.

I could tell that they’re fronting.

I stay serving up the heat.

They’re just munching on muffins.

If you say my flow’s weak.

They might tell you, “you’re fronting.”

I make moves that they’re loving.

Instead of shooting, they’re dumping.

Man, my stories be jumping.

They like how I be coming.

I can rap and prove a point.

And do it all without cussing.

You might call this shit a hit.

I’d rather say I be slugging.

I found a way.

Somehow running the streets.

Black Charles Lee Ray.

I can kill any beat.

I move around with my feet.

I got some shit unreleased.

I pray for niggas who tweak.

Their timing’s cst.

You think I’m hot right now?

I’m just glad to compete.

You think you’re tougher than me?

Nigga you’ll get creased.

Left hook made him leak, in a penthouse suite.

I’ve seen a lot in my day, but never seen defeat.

I was only catching bodies, just to get my body back.

So Tell me if it’s smoke, because it’s probably only that.

Weights (all black), sitting next to the lab.

they get pushed in the rack.

Kill the beef by the slab.

I could try to change the world.

That might be a lonely task.

Diamond studded cross, off the neck (Holy Bath).

Showed love to every race, but you should know.

Im only black.

And I only smoke the strong.

Call that shit the Broly pack.

You can get the full song in it’s official audio version for only .99 by clicking here.

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