Why is my arm muscle twitching after covid vaccine? (Answered)

We’ll be explaining why your arm may be twitching after the Covid vaccine.

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Why is my arm muscle twitching after covid vaccine?

It’s most likely the cause of side effects.


Shown in Pfizer

Autoimmune Trigger

There’s a chance that you’re experiencing the symptoms from side effects relating to the Covid vaccine.

Obviously, one of the feelings could be muscle twitching in either the leg or the arm.

This area is actually very common to experience the muscle twitch.

It may come across as more of a numb feeling, depending on how you interpret pain.

There was actually a story about a young woman that had the Pfizer vaccine, and she had an allergic reaction as a result.

The symptoms were so bad, she was put in the hospital.

This rare phenomena was diagnosed as Guillain-Barré syndrome.

It’s never a clear cut thing to identify, but these things are more common than you would think.

It actually happens with other vaccines, besides Covid.

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