Why do artificial christmas trees shed? (Answered)

I’m going to explain why artificial Christmas trees shed.

I came up with the idea after making the Christmas Shenanigans story recently.

But let’s get to the topic at hand.

These type of trees are common nowadays because they’re easy to just wrap up and store out in your basement or wherever.

So if you’re having this issue with your artificial tree, then should help you out a little bit.

But let’s get into the question.

Why do artificial christmas trees shed?

The main reason why this happens is because the stress from the ornaments you hang can wear and tear down the needles that make up the tree. With time, it eventually pulls the needles off and gives the appearance of your tree shedding.

Wear and Tear

As I said before, the Christmas trees shed because of the ornaments that hang from them.

Remember, they’re artificial so they would only have the needles fall off because something is too heavy hanging from it.

That’s why the best way to keep it from shedding is by hanging lighter ornaments from them.


I recommend you use a light feather tree ornament.

They’re made from goose feathers and were commonly put on older trees.

There’s a lot of reasons that point to them being the superior ornament to use on a tree that you’re worried about shedding.

But they’re light enough to let the needles on the tree hang freely.

Final Thoughts

So hopefully this article helps you with whatever issue you may be having with your trees.

I made this because I think you should be able to get and hold a tree in as good of condition as it was when you got it.

So let’s look at what causes the tree to shed again.

  • Wear and tear from moving the tree around a lot.
  • Hanging too heavy of ornaments from the needles add to the issue and makes the fake leaves fall off.

Hopefully this works and you’ll be able to make a better choice with your tree this Christmas.

See you on the next article.

Thanks for tuning in!

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