Why do nonprofits ask for $19 a month? (Answered)

I’ll be answering why nonprofits ask for $19 a month.

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Why do nonprofits ask for $19 a month?

This amount makes it ready for tv. Most of these offers for sponsorship comes in the form of commercials, and that price works best for television. It’s a tactic. $19 works better than having an absolute amount of $20. And it makes the goal of reaching a $250 yearly quota they’re supposed to reach reasonable for the amount they ask.

Make it “TV ready”

When I say “tv ready,” I mean that it’s at it’s most acceptable rate to ask for donors.

You’ll commonly see that a lot of these donations that the nonprofits ask for come on TV, in the form of a commercial.

You may have seen commercials from the likes of Disabled American Veterans or Save the Children that ask for this amount.

And there may be a reason why.

“Sweet Spot”

What the organizations found out was a formula.

This formula could be thought of as a “sweet spot” for an amount that donors feel most comfortable with giving.

Better than $20

It turns out that at $19 it asks for just the right amount.

There’s something to this to being better than asking for 19 instead of $20.

This is because the donor will feel as if they’re losing more money than they could afford.

Sure it’s only a dollar, but with someone who’s more money conscious, it’ll make them think twice before doing it.

$250 monthly quota

Also, the nonprofit organizations are required to show the IRS that they make $250 for tax reasons.

At $19, it totals out to where they only need less than 25 donors to stay in business.

Final thoughts

To sum things up, the $19 amount that the organizations ask for is for a number of reasons.

  • Covers TV expenses
  • Sweet spot for the amount donors are comfortable with giving
  • Splits up the amount they’re looking to report to the IRS of $250
  • Staying away from asking for an absolute number amount, as a tactic

What’s your favorite nonprofit, and what do they ask for?

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