Is it okay to skip school due to anxiety and being stressed out? (Answered)

Today I’ll be answering if it’s okay to skip school due to anxiety and being stressed out.

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Is it okay to skip school due to anxiety and being stressed out?

Yes. It’s okay to skip a day or a few if you think it’ll help you, or your child recharge. If you think they’re faking as a parent, then that’s when you should take a closer look at why they claim anxiety. And if it gets to where they’ll fall behind them you should stay firm and make sure they go to school.

When should you?

Only if it helps.

If you think it’s going to help you recharge and detach from all of the stressful moments that school could bring, then go for it.

It’s hard to have the exact perfect number on how many times you should make this call and still call it a good decision.

But you should find some comfort in knowing that there’s just going to be some bad days, and a little break might help.

Also, it could be a barrage of negative thoughts you’re dealing with.

If so, check out this post that directly relates to the topic.

When should you take a closer look?

If you think they’re faking.

Now this might apply a little more to parents or guardians, but there’s something that you may be familiar with.

This is the case of the “fakes” as I sometimes call it.

You’ll milk a situation for as much as you can.

It’s okay because most people done it before, and it’s a nice change of pace at times.

But if it’s clearly faking, and you think it may be a bigger problem behind their claim of stress, you might want to look deeper.

When to seek a professional?

If they think they always feel that way.

Just like any sickness, most people wait a day or two before they go to the doctor.

It’s safe to give this scenario the same treatment.

If they claim to have this feeling longer than average, it’ll probably be best to seek professional advice.

There’s only so much that staying at home (away from school) can do.

Eventually you’ll go back and the same problems will be better.

It might get to where a professional will suggest the advice of a therapist or something related.

When to be “10 toes?”

If it gets in the way of work.

Of course, this is more on the lines of if you think they’re just trying to play hooky.

Study their habits.

Ask yourself how relaxed they are to play games or want to still hang out with friends.

Final Thoughts

One of the best books that you can get to address this topic if you want some practical steps can be found right here.

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