Can I walk to Hilton from Boston Logan airport? (Answered)

Today we’ll be seeing if you can walk to Hilton from Boston Logan airport.

This is another post from our hospitality focused posts.

Can I walk to Hilton from Boston Logan airport?

Yes. There’s a connecting temperature-controlled sky bridge that’s attached to the airport. At terminals A and E, they provide 24/7 shuttles to the hotel. Also, there’s plenty to eat and drink when you arrive to the Hilton. And from there, you’ll have options to visit downtown Boston, or even Fenway park. Both are only a few miles away.

The terminals

Everything around the airport terminal is within walking distance.

However, at terminal A and E, the Hilton hotel offers a free shuttle service that runs 24 hours a day.

Although you can walk, if you have a room at the hotel, you might as well just take the shuttle since it’s complimentary.

Also, consider using a luggage bag with wheels to make your move to each terminal as smooth as possible.

Food and drinks

When you arrive to the Hilton, they offer a variety of different foods and drinks.

A buffet service, breakfast in the morning and other cafés making dining at the hotel an even more reasonable option to stay at for a meal.

Downtown Boston

With downtown Boston only being a few miles away from the hotel, it’ll be in your best interest to have an idea of what to do.

There’s plenty to do, from catching a Bruin’s game, other dining, malls and other events.

Depending on when you go, there’s also the option of going to Fenway.

Fenway Park

During the spring and summer, there’s plenty of baseball games that you could attend.

It’s actually one of the smallest baseball parks in all of the major leagues, but it’s also one of the most famous.

With it being located on Yawkey way, there’s actually plenty of times where the street is blocked off for food vendors and events.

It should go without saying, but there’s plenty to do when you’re in downtown Boston.

Final thoughts

To make it clear, there’s always the option to walk to your hotel from the airport when flying into Boston.

But there’s plenty of forms of transportation that you can take to make it to your hotel.

And depending on how heavy you packed, it might be in your best interest to take a shuttle instead.

Also, once you make it, you have the option to enjoy all of what’s to offer in downtown Boston.

Fenway park is one of the biggest attractions, so you might want to plan a trip around a game at the stadium when you go.

What do you have to share about Boston?

Leave a comment below if you’ve stayed at the Hilton hotel connected to the airport’s skywalk.

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