What would happen if I lost my hotel room key? (4 points Answered)

Today I’ll be answering what would happen if you lost your hotel room key.

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What would happen if I lost my hotel room key?

The original key usually gets deactivated and staff will give you another one, free of charge of course. The only thing you have to do is confirm your identity. However, some may charge you if it becomes a habit. Depending on the hotel and the type of keys they give you, they might have to replace the entire lock.

Original key is deactivated

If you find yourself lost on where to find your key, sometimes all it takes is a quick trip to the front desk.

After you tell them, most will simply deactivate your previous key and hand you a new one.

Confirm identity

At most, the free passageway to getting a new key will be to simply confirm your identity and hand them an I.D.

This is usually a formality in showing the head desk that you actually belong to them and that is your room.

Additional fees (maybe)

Another thing that you might experience if you keep losing your key is an extra fee that the hotel might apply to your bill.

The prices may vary, but you want to keep track of it because it creates more work for the clerk that could be spent on other things.

Replace the entire lock

And this is a little less common since the hotels in today’s times are more high tech, but there are some with old school handles.

These old school handles could have the type of keys that would go in something close to like a padlock or similar.

If you lose these type of keys, it could prove to be a big issue (for the hotel) and they might have to replace the entire knob.

Final thoughts

Sometimes it’s as simple as going to the front desk and asking for a replacement key.

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