Why am i so bad at shooting in basketball? (Explained)

Today I’ll be answering why you’re so bad at shooting in basketball.

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Why am i so bad at shooting in basketball?

You’re most likely in a mental slump. However, there are a few things relating to your form that you could look at to improve your shooting. Be careful of having your thumb on your shooting hand, and even your guide hand. Jerky movements could make a difference, a flat shot, and shooting at the top of your jump.

It’s in the form

If you keep an eye on your form, it could make a major difference in your shot.

Check out this book on fixing your form called Basketball Shooting by Dave Hopla.

There’s numerous factors that play a role in your form.

Thumb on shooting Hand

Balancing the ball on the thumb of your shooting hand puts you in an awkward position to release your shot.

Thumb on Guide Hand

Similar to the problems that come with resting the ball on your shooting hand, when you do it with your guide hand, that too messes you up.

Doing this makes the ball shoot way to the right, or way to the left (very similar to slicing or chipping in golf).

Jerky movements

If you get to where you twist too much on your shot, or even fade away too often, it could lead to a less than favorable shot.

This is because it’s just an unnatural way to practice releasing.

Yes, hitting fade away are a part of the sport, but it’s mainly a shot that you try to pull off when you’re being challenged on your shot.

And sure, you can get used to this but it’s just bad fundamentals when trying to fix your shooting form.

Flat Shot

Next is having a flat shot.

You might’ve noticed that the top shots from the best shooters in the world shoot the ball in a way that resembles an arc.

Shooting after the top of the jump

Shooting at the top of your jump is another problem that happens with most people’s shot.

It happens when you’re releasing the ball from your hand while you’re dropping in the air.

What this does is go against gravity.

You remember the advice about having a shot with an arc, right?

You want to maximize that arc chance, and it drops if you attempt to shoot as you’re falling.

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