Can you have 45 cards in a yugioh deck? (Explained)

Today I’ll be answering if you can have 45 cards in a yugioh deck.

Can you have 45 cards in a yugioh deck?

You can have anywhere from 40-60 cards in a standard deck. With that said, if you’re stuck in this process of your journey with being a duelist, it’ll be best to know the rules in terms of making decks.

Yu-Gi-Oh deck rules

The best way to go about building a Yu-Gi-Oh deck is starting off with an archetype.

An archetype is a selection of cards that typically have the same name, and have cards that compliment each other.

The best way to play it safe when you’re constructing a deck is to keep your card count to 40 cards.

For example, if you build a deck around fusion monsters, they usually have the same name with 2 or more monsters.

The cool part is that they combine to make a new one.

And if you decide to go that route, then it would probably be best to use a Fusion Deployment card to get to it fast.

One archetype that gained popularity quick is the Amazoness type.

It’s only an example, because there’s many different type.

If you found the game from watching the anime, you’re probably most familiar with Dark Magician or Blue-Eyes.

They’re both great, and represent both Spellcasters and Dragons.

That’s where you get the freedom to express your originality with the type you choose to build around.

I can remember going against my cousin, and he would whoop my ass with the Elemental Hero deck.

It’s ironic too, because Yu-Gi-Oh GX was one of my favorite series out of the entire anime.

It’s a bit of a spoiler, but I reveal my favorite series in the post here.

Oh well, I’ll get my getback another time.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, having a 40 card deck is best if you’re trying to get to your strongest cards with predictable results.

However, there is a card that’s built around having a 60 card deck.

That card is That Grass Is Always Greener card.

If you get this one, it’ll be to your advantage to have somewhere up to 60 cards for your deck.

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