What is the difference between defense and offense in football? (Explained)

Today I’ll be answering what the difference is between defense and offense in football.

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What is the difference between defense and offense in football?

American football gives offense the task of moving classes with the ball into the opponent’s territory called the end zone to score points. The defense begins the game at a point of line called “scrimmage,” with the goal of stopping the offense in order to gain possession of the ball.

Team Makeup

There are 3 teams that make up the entirety of a full football team.

All of them have different expectations and skills required from them to be a success on their team.

Offense Positions

The offense has the goal of advancing the ball forward until they reach the end zone of the other team’s side, and score points.

The offensive positions usually require a lot of speed, agility and accuracy to be successful in their positions.

The positions that make up the offense are as followed:

  • Center
  • Offensive Guards
  • Tackles
  • Quarterback
  • Wide receivers
  • Tight Ends
  • Running Backs
  • Full Backs
  • Cornerbacks
  • Safetys

Defense Positions

Defense is yet another team that makes up a big part of the game.

Their job is top create a turnover against the opposing team’s offense.

They can do it numerous ways.

One is by earning an interception.

Another is by holding the other team’s offense past four downs to score or get a reset for another four downs.

Defense usually requires strength and speed (although the art of stopping another player is usually the best).

The positions that make up defense are as followed:

  • Defensive ends
  • Defensive tackles
  • Nose guards
  • Linebacker
  • Cornerbacks
  • Safeties
  • Defensive Back

Special Teams

Next is the special teams position.

They have a job of moving the ball as far possible down the field on one play that’s meant to set up their offense or defense.

It depends on the possession.

Special teams are mainly dependent on accuracy.

Their positions are:

  • Long snapper
  • Holder
  • Punter
  • Upback
  • Gunner
  • Wedge Buster

Final Thoughts

The difference between offense and defense in football ranges.

Offense has the job of moving the ball into the end zone.

Defense has the job of stopping the offense from scoring and getting the ball for their team’s offense.

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