Can i restart yugioh master duel? (Answered)

Today I’ll be answering if you can restart yugioh master duel.

Can i restart yugioh master duel?

Yes. If you create a new steam account then you can start all over again. But if you do that, you’ll lose all of the cards you earned. However, you can also make a new stream account and still have the same cards that you got.


If you want to keep the cards you earned on an old account, but still want to “start over,” all you have to do is make a new steam account.

After you do that, add Master Dual to your account and you’ll be able to start on a new account with different cards if you choose.

Delete account

To delete account, you’re first gonna want to go your Konami ID page.

From there, go to your account and click the delete Konami ID button.

After that you’re going to have to put in your account login information and confirm that deleting your account is what you want to do.

After you scroll through the terms and conditions and click “agree,” you can finally press delete and remove the account.

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