What wrestling gear do i need? (4 points explained)

Today I’ll be answering what wrestling gear you need.

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What wrestling gear do i need?

These items are in every wrestler’s best interest to have, regardless of the level, but they’re in as following: Headgear, running Shoes, Kneepad, Wrestling shoes, Shorts, a Mouthguard (optional), and for a safe move, grab 2 Singlets (or reversible) with the color red and blue for freestyle in mind.

Wrestling gear

The gear you keep as a wrestler makes a big difference in the quality of your training, plain and simple.

The items you keep could vary, but there are a few things that typically all wrestlers keep.

Whether you’re going to a school practice, club, or just a regular workout.

Either way, if you’re prepared, you’ll train better.

And if you train better, you’ll perform better as well.

We came a long way from just standing out in a field, trying to push each other out of a circle.

Yes, we’re one of the oldest sports in the book, but now we’re modernized, and have tools to make big jumps, and quickly.

Wrestling Shoes

Wrestling shoes are a must have in the sport.

And there’s plenty of reasons why you’ll want to keep that in mind.

First, the shoes protect the wrestlers from injury in the feet and ankles.

Second, they provide balance and grip to allow the wrestler to have optimal speed and agility.

On top of that, it works with the rules of all major sporting event leagues.

It’ll be best to grab a pair online, as they provide more of a variety and allow the customer to get related items as well made specifically for wrestling.


There’s many different reasons why wrestlers wear singlets.

The first is that it protects the wrestlers from grabbing onto each other and gaining an unfair advantage in their grappling exchange.

There are some advocates that are pushing to change the traditional singlet to a 2-piece uniform, but there’s still plenty of people who prefer things to stay the same.

The material is made out of a stretchy fabric that helps the wrestlers stay safe if a finger gets caught in the uniform.

That, and protects them from even getting scratched during competition.

Mouth Guards

Here we are yet again as we’re pushing for mouth guards to be used in wrestling.

The main reason is because it prevents an expensive mouth injury that could happen if you were left without it.

There’s moves in wrestling that encourage contact near where your mouth is, and a mouth guard could be the answer.

For example, there’s a move called the crossface that puts the forearm on the face and depending on how hard it’s done makes a difference.

It’s a very self explained reason why you would want to have it, but it’s something that should be emphasized more in the sport.


Headgear is something that’s being emphasized to wear in Folkstyle.

In freestyle wearing one is optional, but let’s focus on the rules of high school and NCAA.

A common issue that headgear prevents mainly is a phenomenon called cauliflower ear.

It’s something where the ear swells up from constantly being rubbed on the mat.

It’s something that’s pretty 50/50, but very possible to happen to anybody.

But headgear in general is used to prevent injuries from happening.

There’s slams that occur where headgear could prevent something as bad as a concussion.

Final Thoughts

These are only a few things that you should have as a wrestler, but they are the most necessary things to have.

Shoes, headgear, mouthguards and singlets will have you ready for a match.

That, and prevent injuries that could be real expensive in the future.

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