Why is hunter x hunter manga hard to find? ( 7 reasons explained)

I’ll be explaining on this post why Hunter x Hunter manga’s hard to find.

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Why is hunter x hunter manga hard to find?

There’s actually numerous volumes from the manga that’s hard to find. But with that said, both the digital and physical copies can be found online with ease. The pandemic’s been known to impact the availability of products online (including mangas). And there’s most likely been a surge of shipments to the U.S. since the dub was made popular.

Both type should be found online

The physical and digital copy of the manga can actually be found pretty easily.

There’s manganato or crunchyroll.

They’re both pretty reliable with finding mangas you’re looking for.

Vol 1.

Volume 1 (the original manga) is one of the hardest mangas for the fans to find, according to Reddit.

Vol 9.

The volume 9 of the Hunter x Hunter manga covers the York New City arc.

With the popularity of this volume it made finding it even harder than ever.

Barnes & Nobles

There’s been fans of the series that claim they had success funding a few of the physical copies of the manga at Barnes and Nobles.

But that time was short lived because it was also long enough to mention that they’re sold out at all the locations they visited too.

Amazon’s the best bet

Amazon is going to be your best bet to get a physical copy of the manga.

To get the entire series of the Hunter x Hunter manga, click here.

Pandemic may have something to do with it

We found out that fans of the manga that ordered them online needed up waiting anywhere up to 6 months to have them delivered.

As you may know, once the pandemic hit, it changed the online shopping experience for the entire world.

Because stores were being closed to protect customers from interacting with each other and possibly spreading a virus, more shopping was being done online.

With a pile up of these orders happening online, it created a backup of orders to where items took longer than usual to reach consumers.

USA’s popularity with the dub

Hunter x Hunter took a while before it reached being recreated in its dub form.

Once the language was put in English, it finally gained a surge of popularity that created a wave of new fans.

Of course, this initially applies to the anime.

But like any fan of Japanese media culture (specifically speaking of the anime again), you find people who want to learn more.

One of the best ways they do this is by enjoying the manga that the anime is based off of.

Final Thoughts

So you can thank the surge of new fans, pandemic and lack of resourcefulness for why you’re missing out on the manga.

What do you think?

Leave a comment below of what you think.

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