Can you get a hotel room or a place to stay if you’re under 18? (5 points explained)

We’ll be looking at if you can get a hotel room or a place to stay if you’re under 18.

Can you get a hotel room or a place to stay if you’re under 18?

No, at least most of the time. There’s a traditional minimum age requirement when dealing with booking hotel rooms. But be prepared. There’s international requirements that vary depending on where you stay, and the rules could change (depending on if you’re a minor that’s traveling). Also, there’s discrimination laws that play a role in the process of booking.

Minimum age retirement

As I mentioned before, most hotel minimum age requirements are at age 21.

But each hotel can have their own policy concerning this situation.

In the U.S. it’s virtually impossible to rent one under the age of 18.

There’s numerous reasons why the age is 18.

The main one is the fact that when you’re booking a hotel room, you’re essentially signing a contract.

And for most states 18 is the legal binding age that you can make such an agreement.

When you make it to areas like Las Vegas, you’ll find that the common age is 21 (because of the adult activities they have to offer in the city).

Be prepared

It’s important to know the rules of the hotel you’re looking at if you’re around the age to rent or have it in question.

The best course of action to take is to check with the front desk to have a better understanding of their policies before hand.

Matter of fact, because most hotels require you to have an ID and credit card of some sort before booking, keep that on hand.

If you have both of those items, then booking a room will be even easier to do.

International requirements

The laws overseas are more laid back when booking hotels for minors (or even other people in general).

Most international hotel chains only require you to be listed on the credit card to get access to the room.

The only main requirement that’s worth noting is that if you’re using someone else’s card to book, then you should also book it with their name as well.

This will save you a load of trouble for any unforeseen charges you may get during your stay in the lodge.

Traveling Minors

I’ve said it before, but the policy for most hotels have a rule of allowing guests as young as 18 stay at their establishment.

However, there has been cases where they will allow people to stay that are as young as 16.

The big reason they’re weary about even doing it is for liability reasons.

But as you can see, there are people who got hotels under the age of 18.

The best sure fire way to make it happen is to get a permission slip that’s signed by a parent or legal guardian.

There’s typically an “accept all” policy if it’s an emergency.

Discrimination Laws

The title 2 of civil rights act covers race, color and religion.

What it protects them from is discrimination of any kind.

Unfortunately for anyone that’s considered too young by the hotel, age is the only demographic that’s prohibited from the rule.

What this communicates to potential customers is responsibility for a group of people. In this case for children.

In addition, the Americans with Disabilities act forbid private lodging from turning away anyone with a disability.

On the outside looking in, this communicates a loophole that could be exploited.

If you’re considered young but have a legal disability, you could potentially be an exception to the rule.

Final Thoughts

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