Why does housekeeping come so early? (4 reasons explained)

I’ll be explaining why housekeeping comes so early.

If you stayed in a hotel before, you might’ve had an experience with housekeeping, or room service before.

Today we’re focusing on the people who change your sheets, provide new pillows, towels and anything else you can think of.

Why does housekeeping come so early?

Housekeeping comes so early because there’s a certain amount of rooms they’re supposed to clean in the building. They’re usually busiest between the hours of 8am and 4pm. However, there’s a special situation with corporate hotels. And putting the DND sign on your door changes the expectations.

Certain amount of rooms to clean

A housekeeper that’s pretty new to the job is usually expected to clean anywhere from 10 to 12 rooms a day in a hotel.

A housekeeper that has higher than average goals will try to shoot for around 30 rooms in a day.


Corporate business hotels

DND changes everything

Final Thoughts

To sum up everything that answers the question, housekeeping comes so early because they work from 8-4pm.

That, and they have a certain amount of rooms that they have to service before the end of their working day.

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