What are the new sexual assault allegations at SASTRA University? (4 Perspectives Explained)

We’ll be looking at what the new sexual assault allegations are at SASTRA University.

They’ve been under fire from accusations made by current students that went to their university, but it’s developed further.

It’s important to look into this because as said by Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King, there’s a quote that applies.

“A threat to justice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

What are the new sexual assault allegations at SASTRA University?

It’s hard to feel strongly about this, but I’ll be objective. The university has been made out to have numerous sexual assault and harassment accusations against their professors (and staff members). It first came from their current students. And sense then we’ve gotten more stories from alumni that’s also encouraged the university to start following the Vishaka guidelines.

Professors and Staff members

The professors and staff members are the group that’s getting accused of wrongdoing.

In the green block above, it explained the inappropriate sexual conduct that the former staff were accused of.

It’s sad because some of the members accused were on specific committees that stood against gender specific violences.

But back to being objective.

For new staff, they might be facing a mandatory class of sexual conduct and things alike before teaching.


The alumni are the first group that made the shocking allegations.

Over 1000 of former affiliates apart of the university sent letters to leaders demanding they look into more cases.

They worked together and drew attention in the form of a petition.

Over the course of only a couple days, they gathered hundreds of new signatures.

This petition included many things, but one of the most notable was incorporating an old set of rules called the Vishaka guidelines.

Vishaka guidelines

SASTRA University is getting pressed to use more of this.

Thanks to the alumni, they drew attention to these guidelines (insisting that the university starts using this as the standard for conduct).

The Vishaka guidelines have been around since 1997, but was suspended in 2013.

These guidelines were specifically made for the protection of women.

Current Students

The controversy first started with the alumni and then developed to current students of the university.

The buzz around the current students is gaining speed because of social media.

It’s worth noting how social media is now allowing users to voice their opinion in a safe way.

Final Thoughts

These should sum up all the points when talking about the allegations against SASTRA University.

Professors and staff members were a part of the issue.

It was an issue with current students, and then it caught on with the alumni.

From there the Vishaka guidelines were proposed to be brought back.

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