Why do college dorms have rocking chairs? (4 reasons explained)

We’ll be explaining why college dorms have rocking chairs.

You might’ve seen one around campus.

Hell, you might’ve even seen these chairs around in middle school.

But there’s a good reason why you see this specific style.

Let’s get into why exactly.

Why do college dorms have rocking chairs?

College dorms have rocking chairs because they’re sturdy. Safety’s a big priority with most schools. Also, they’re affordable for most colleges, regardless of how much money they pull in. Plus they’re easy to store, and just as easy to move around.


One major reason why colleges are picking up this particular style of chair is because of how sturdy they are.

These style of chairs (rocking chairs) are known to reduce arthritis and back pains.

You’ll be spending a good majority of your time using these type of chairs to type papers, study and other things.

These type of chairs tend to have thicker legs and more padding, thus making it more sturdy.

You compare it to an aluminum chair or a thin wooden one and it’ll be easy to see why it’s superior.

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A great hardwood rocking chair that you might want to consider having in your dorm is the Amazon Brand.

This specific selection actually comes in two different colors, light grey and beige.

It’s a one time payment of only 239.99.

It can also be put on a discounted layaway to where you’re only paying $40 at a time.

This actually is another reason why colleges prefer to keep these type of chairs around, to offset costs on the student.

The rocking chairs range, but they’re all made out of materials that are sustainable and make it so easy to make.

You’ll actually find that with a bunch of the models made by Amazon even come with foot rests (because they’re so cheap).

Two-Position Chair

The rocking chair is popularly known as the two position chair as well.

Easy to move

These chairs are also really easy to move around.

They’re pretty light and can be dragged around easy (making them a great type of chair to have, anywhere).

Especially inside of your dorm room, it’s common to be rearranging things a lot, and it’ll pay off to have an easy to move chair.

Again, bringing things back to safety, you have to think about the college making yours their number one priority.

What they do is take this possibility into account.

You’re going to want to change things around from time to time.

Final Thoughts

These should sum up the reasons why colleges add these rocking chairs on campus.

First, they’re sturdy and safe to use for everybody.

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