What is the most brutal wrestling match? (4 points explained)

We’ll be looking at what the most brutal wrestling match is.

This is an ode to the WWE franchise to be specific (even though a majority of my associates, competed in Olympic style).

I mentioned this on my About Me page.

I’m acknowledging the fact that my subs come from what mainstream calls “amateur wrestling” but this might connect dots.

What is the most brutal wrestling match?

One of the best events was hell in a cell and king of the ring. WWE and Smackdown were both fun to watch, but an undertaker match that fans were looking for. It’s ironic because I first found out about the Cactus Jack from music, only to find it directly related to wrestling. Wow, wrestling bridges so many things.

The undertaker vs?

My favorite matchup was anything with John Cena, but you could imagine what the matchup between him and undertaker was.

According to sporf, they have a top 5 list of matches involving the undertaker.

They’re all fan favorites, and they’re all matches in which he wins.

But they’re as followed:

  • 1. Undertaker vs AJ styles
  • 2. vs. Randy Orton
  • 3. vs. Shawn Michaels
  • 4. vs. Triple H
  • 5. vs. Kane

Undertaker vs AJ Styles

The match happened at Wrestlemania 36.

Undertaker vs Randy Orton

This match happened at WrestleMania 21 in 2005.

Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels

This match took place at Wrestlemania 26 in 2010.

Undertaker vs Triple H

This match happened at Wrestlemania yet again, this time at 28.

Undertaker vs Kane

Undertaker’s match with Kane happened in Hell In A Cell.

To be specific it happened at Wrestlemania 14.

Very iconic match.

The match is also on YouTube and you can find it there.

King of The Ring

King of the ring was probably the biggest event that I would used to watch on pay per view with the homies.

To this day, I’m thankful that I was introduced to the sport because of someone I went to school with in my elementary days.

Roughly off memory, king of the ring had multiple all stars on the roster who would rush the stage in a “last man standing” thing.

This was also another event that became a fan favorite after it was used to replace an earlier 1993 pay per view the WWE planned.

A big name that would compete in this event was Eddie Guerrero.

One match that would come to mind that he got the chance to shine in was versus Ric Flair.

Hell in a Cell

This was my absolute favorite game to play in Smackdown vs Raw 2006 on ps2!

I’d turn off the time and mainly use weapons, but it was cool to finally see it on something other than Spider-Man for once.

Again, this is another main attraction of the pay per views for championship matches.

They made it known that this was some of the most violent matches that would happen in wrestling.

It was “gruesome” according to Vice.

What made it so violent was the fact that the cage was used in many different ways.

The first and most common was using the inside as a wall to slam opponents into.

Another was that it was a platform at times for the riskiest wrestlers.

They would jump from the top onto an opponent sometimes.

Cactus Jack (But it hits different)

I had a better idea of the first 3 topic (or sub topics) mentioned above, but I was surprised to find that Cactus Jack was a wrestler.

I thought it was an independent name that was designed in the hip hop genre.

Of course there’s a reason I liked wrestling and music so much.

Final Thoughts

These are the points again that sum up the most brutal wrestling matches.

Undertaker makes most fan’s lists, and it made mine versus John Cena.

Also, the best matches happened in King of The Ring, that and hell in a cell.

Another sleeper performer that made the list for fans was matches that included Cactus Jack.

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