Folkstyle wrestling (4 Starter Topics)

We’ll be talking about Folkstyle wrestling.

Different from folk wrestling.

And cooler name than scholastic wrestling, but we’re talking about (in one name) folkstyle.

Folkstyle wrestling

Folkstyle started in the U.S. and transitions well to Freestyle and Greco. College wrestling, is the biggest level of folkstyle without a doubt . As seasoned of a history it has, folkstyle has facts to make it unique. Everybody likes all forms of wrestling and the best thing you can do to prove it is grow it when you can.

Folkstyle vs Freestyle & Greco

There are 3 styles known in wrestling.

Folkstyle, Freestyle and Greco Roman.

The Difference

The main difference is the ability to do moves from the bottom position.

A standup to an escape.

Hitting a standup is one of the easiest ways to get a point from bottom in wrestling.

Rules and Goals

The scoring is a little different between the two styles, thus making the goals a little different as well.

In freestyle you can earn a point for pushing your opponent out of bounds, but in folkstyle you’ll most likely get a restart.

From the Feet

Freestyle wrestling is mainly encouraged to have both wrestlers compete from the shared neutral position (with folkstyle).

The common narrative with freestyle is that it’s more exciting because there’s more wrestling done from the feet.

Let’s face it, we like seeing action enough to where someone can earn bring someone else down on the mat.


In folkstyle, the type of wrestling that’s encouraged is more control based (rather than turns).

Matter of fact, the incentive to hold an opponent down gets rewarded even greater with a riding time point in college.

College Wrestling

College wrestling is the pinnacle of folkstyle wrestling, it’s undeniable.

It’s monopolized by the NCAA and gets fans across the country excited to see wrestlers compete.

Legends of the style

I’m actually the current pin leader for my college.

I earned the most in a season and the most in all 4 years.

This was the case since I graduated in 2016, but there were people better than me (on paper).

Jordan Burroughs

Jordan Burroughs is a multiple time world and Olympic champ.

He won his first Olympic gold in the London 2012 games.

Cael Sanderson

Cael Sanderson is another gold medalist on the list.

He’s actually the only wrestler to go completely undefeated throughout college.

John Smith

John smith is the current head coach at Oklahoma State.

Words From The Wise

The timing was perfect for Folkstyle to get it’s own page because a legend in the sport (Ben Askren) dropped a book recently.

It’s called Funky.

Four Days to Glory is another fan and student of the sport favorite.

Yet another book that’s popular in the sport is A Wrestling Life.

Important Facts

Wrestling in general has a long history that could interest anyone.

But here’s a few that should be mentioned.


Wrestling has one of the longest seasons of any sport (going as long as 4 months).

Depending on how dedicated you are to the sport, you can actually compete year round.


I mentioned the term folk wrestling and scholastic, but they’re actually sub variations of the term folkstyle.

Folk wrestling came from the United States and adapted to where younger ages could compete (scholastic).

Yeah, you could say we came a long way.


I found it funny that wrestling was threatened to be removed from the Olympics when it was the O.G. sport.

Check out my related article: why isn’t folkstyle an Olympic sport

You read that right, wrestling goes back as far as the biblical days and they tried to take it away.

I thought we was one nation under God.

Weight Classes

Wrestling is actually a pretty safe sport because they have committees to help range weight classes so everyone can compete.

So if you’re wondering if you’re the right size for the sport, the answer will always be yes.

Grow The Sport

If you listened closely you may have noticed I referenced 2015 national champion from Mizzou, Drake Houdashelt.

He was 149 when I was 157.

But growing the sport’s always been the goal for wrestling (on all levels).

It’s especially been the case when wrestling was being threatened to get taken out of the Olympics in 2016.

Call me what you want, but I believe that Folkstyle had a big part to play in the keeping of wrestling as an Olympic sport.

When you see matches in this atmosphere, it’s hard to argue it’s popularity.

Final Thoughts

These should be strong points that explain what folkstyle wrestling is exactly.

There’s a difference between Freestyle and Greco, but it’s still just as exciting.

College wrestling is the peak of Folkstyle, but it could change with the right system in place to make it pro and stay.

The best way to help it reach new levels is to subscribe to the notion of growing the sport whenever possible.

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