Health Discussion Forum (5 starting topics)

Welcome to the health discussion forum.

Health should be somewhat of an interest to anybody on the internet.

I’m just a communication major that’s going to do his best to educate you properly on health.

My starting points will come from areas that are successful (or at least on it’s way).

“Why do I say that,” you may ask, and the answer’s simple.

I believe success leaves clues.

But let’s move on.

Health Discussion Forum

California’s one of the healthiest states in the U.S. If we look at their habits, we can borrow their methods to better health. Also, on a separate note, we’ll cover mental and physical health. Plus, “503 c” student doctor network will give us guidance. And with that, we’ll also see if it’s safe to get advice about health topics online.


California is one of the healthiest states in the country.

According to naturals2go, California tends rank in the top 10 for a few different health categories.

10th in physical activity

As mentioned before in previous posts, physical activity is a priority for anybody that keeps health as priority.

There’s many reasons you would be making physical activity your focus.

Maybe you’re in sports.

Or a group that focuses on weight loss (such as CrossFit or Zumba).

Regardless, California ranks as low as 10th on respected lists and it’s worth studying their habits for that reason.

4th in healthy blood pressure

A healthy blood pressure.

The thing that prevents many different illnesses and diseases.

Diabetes, heart attack, strokes and other related things.

4th out of 50 states is worth observing to be in the upper percentile of people with heathy blood pressure levels.

There’s plenty of methods to control this aspect of your health.

5th in diet

The diet that you decide to stick with is totally dependent on the biological limitations that you may have.

One of the best things you can and should do before you start trying different diets is to schedule a medical check up.

That, or even try an at home food allergy test.

I strongly recommend it if you’ve never been to a job or been in a sport that’s required a check up or physical of some sort.

There’s more that goes into general health, but regardless, these are all still impressive stats.

Air Quality

After some research it was discovered that air quality is actually a high priority on California’s initiative.

And one “secret” that California has to add to their reasoning for having such a high ranking in health is Tobacco control.

This is shown in the state (as well as others) through higher prices on tobacco and more smoke free policies.


With a mix of different countries ranging from Mexico, Asia, Spain and the eastern U.S. it’s a bigger pool for trial and error.

With trial and error from a health lens, you’re able to do studies on popular foods with health conscious people that work.


There’s many different ways to reflect culture and events that are put on in California.

These events are in the forms of festivals, community projects and even streets dedicated to a group of people’s way of life.

Mental Health

Mental health is a topic that seems to creep its way into the news at one point or another.

There’s plenty of categories that could use attention which relates directly to mental health.

Anxiety, depression, bipolar, and many other things make up the subject.

And what we’ll do is attempt to explore all of them in as much depth as possible.


Anxiety’s one of the most common reasons for a decline in mental health.

Anxiety leads to other more serious medical issues if unaddressed.

There’s many different reasons why people across the world report to have anxiety.

It could happen if they see an ex in public.

Bones, Joints, Muscles

The bones, joints and muscles cover the physical aspects of health (which could be just as important as the mental).

Student Doctor Network

The student doctor network is a nonprofit organization that focuses on multiple angles of proper health.

“Internet” Doctor

What do you think of people who get their medical advice from the internet?

Well you borderline fall into that category just by being on this site.

Maybe you know someone who does it, or even do it for yourself.

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