Is Yu Yu Hakusho Worth Watching? (5 points explained)

The question I’ll be answering is Yu Yu Hakusho worth watching.

Is The Yu Yu Hakusho Anime Worth Watching?

Yu Yu Hakusho is definitely an anime that’s worth watching. It gets straight to the point without much filler and has plenty of action. Also the characters and story arcs are well written. When you discover yourself how good it is then you’ll probably be happy to know there’s another anime that’s just as good that you’ll like if you enjoyed this.

Gets Straight To The Point

Plenty Of Action

The Complimenting Anime

The Characters

Story Arcs

Great Show

The show’s great for actually a few different reasons.

It has every emotion that you could want to experience (comedy, drama, action, and thrills).

The character development keeps you pretty engaged with everyone you come across.

And it way less filler than the other popular animes like Naruto or Bleach.

If you like Hunter x Hunter, you’ll like this show too.

It’s actually very similar.

It was mentioned earlier, but it’s very action heavy (which is something most anime fans are looking for in their shows).

The theme of the show can get dark at times, but it always bounces back.

Make it past the first 5 episodes

Now if you make it past the first 5 episodes, then it’s off for the races.

Surprisingly, it’s the slowest part of the entire series.

But with that said, the first episode usually catches the most new fans because of the direction it takes you.

Without giving too much away, it sets the tone (in a deceiving way).

More satisfying than the manga

As I said before, the content of the anime specifically runs pretty deep (and that’s what makes it so great of a show).

But when we compare it to the manga, the anime has a way better pace.

See, the issue with manga is that it has way much more filler.

Plus, the ending is slightly different.

A downgrade in quality actually.

Even a majority of the fans on GameFaq would support that view.

It left the fans wanting more, and it was clear when they said how “half-assed” it was.

Although the fans like the anime more than the manga, it still had pretty low reviews in terms of its final arc.

There’s actually a big reveal about the main character that happens near the end.

I answer a question about it here, but warning, there are spoilers in this post.

And I agree with it being one of my least favorite arcs, but regardless, it’s still a great show.

Final Thoughts

To answer the question clearly, yes, Yu Yu Hakusho is definitely worth watching.

It’s a great show with plenty to offer.

If you make it past the first 5 episodes, you should be a fan all the way through.

And the anime is unanimously better than the manga.

Give the show a watch and let us know what you think.

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