why did yusuke turn into a demon? (Explained)

Today we’ll explain why Yusuke turns into a demon.

We first see Yusuke become a demon in his fight against Sensui.

It only happens when his demon energy runs high.

This compliments his personality of being a hot head and having an enthusiasm to fight, most likely stemming from his childhood.

The specific episode in where he turns into a demon is 92.

why did yusuke turn into a demon

Yusuke turns into a demon because of a demonic transformation thanks to his ancestor Raizen. When Raizen took over Yusuke’s body, it unlocked a form called Mazoku. This is otherwise known as an atavism that he went through during his battle with Sensui.

Raizen’s Transformation

Yusuke turns into a demon thanks to an atavism from a Mazoku.

That Mazoku is Raizen.

When Yusuke transforms, he becomes a lower S class demon.

Likewise, this transformation turns Yusuke into a Mazoku as well.

It amplifies his powers to new heights and gives him abilities that are only possible in this form.

An example of a super ability he gets that’s exclusive to this demon form is called the Demon Gun.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully these points sum everything up.

Yusuke was ready for a boost in energy.

He’s had to be smart with his spirit energy even in his fight with Yomi.

He mixed his spirit energy with demon energy to pierce the barrier he created.

The transformation was the final straw and unlocked an entire new form thanks to his energy.

His ancestor being Raizen ended up being a great coincidence that helped him get over the hump of Sensui.

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