What is a one day contract in the NFL? (Explained)

Today I’ll be explaining what a one day contract in the NFL is.

It’s commonly seen as a promo, to put a celebrity in front of the public, or allowing a player to end a career with their team.

It’s rare, but still well known with anyone familiar with the NFL and players that had legendary careers.

But without further ado, let’s get to it.

What is a one day contract in the NFL?

A one day contract is commonly seen as a ceremonial event. The only rule that has to be in effect in order to have one of these contracts is to be a free agent that’s out of contract at the time of signing. One player that was famous for signing one of these lucrative deals was former player, Fred Taylor.

Must be a free agent or out of contract

As with any contact these days, the only requirement that has to get met to take part in this deal is to be out of your last one.

Fred Taylor

You’ll notice on the featured picture for this post, it includes the famously known Fred Taylor of the jaguars who did this deal.

Ceremonial purposes usually

One of the most recent cases that we’ll see a one day contract get handed out is most likely going to be with Tom Brady.

It’s already getting talking about as we’re preparing for Super Bowl LV2.

These deals are going to be increasingly popular as we experience legends in the games, as they get closer to retirement.

Even popular users on Quora agree with the idea of this deal being mainly for past their prime years.

Final Thoughts

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