Why does Witcher from Netflix have such a racial diversity? (4 points observed)

Today I’ll be looking at some points made about why Witcher from Netflix has such a racial diversity.

Why does Witcher from Netflix have such a racial diversity?

The show should be centered around this group of people, Celtic, German and Slavic. Lauren Hissrich has tried to provide an understanding to justify her decision, but the fans want more answers. The issue comes from making a show that’s historically inaccurate. Mainly through its cast choice. The question that should be asked is if history should overshadow fantasy.

The Celtic, German and Slavics

To start things off, these are all cultures instead of races.

What that means is that they all share the same blood, but there’s sub groups that make a group of people.

Looking at the history relating to the “big 3” you’ll find that the Celtics and Slavics played a role in the language of the Germans.

The Celtics were the oldest of the three.

There’s a very informative article that dives further into this topic (click here to access).

The Celtics were in the hunt for finding what we know as the Holy Grail, but were unsuccessful.

It was actually found by the Slavics.

For more educational related posts (click here).

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