Do K-pop groups write their own lyrics, choreography, and produce? (5 great thoughts)

Today we’ll look at if K-Pop groups write their own lyrics, choreography and production.

  • There’s ghostwriters in k-pop
  • What groups run the game?
  • A brief history of K-pop
  • Specifically Self Produced
  • Example: IU

Do K-pop groups write their own lyrics, choreography, and produce?

Yes, they actually do. IU’s actually a great example of a “one stop shop” with talents that make k-pop. However there are songs that were ghostwritten. It’ll help to understand it better by learning the history, but there’s a big group of k-pop bands that run the genre. That, and a pool that are specifically self produced.

Ghostwriting in K-Pop

You might have heard of Gigi dam and her hit song “Do it.” But did you know it was actually written by Ravi.

When we look at what rappers think about ghostwriting in hip hop, we can see that a lot of members of the community are against it.

2 of the greats in Lloyd Banks and Ice Cube have lyrics where they openly take a stand against it.

However, in K-pop it’s been seen as more of a scandal when it’s revealed that music was written by another artist.

For example, Lee Ha Neul of DJ Doc was discovered to have lyrics that were made for another song was performed and claimed.

The artists it was found that it went to was Kim Chang Ryul and Jung Jae Yong.

What Groups Run The Game

In the K-Pop genre, there’s actually a select group of bands that make a majority of the hit songs they produce.

As I mentioned before, there are plenty of K-pop groups, but only a lists worth make up the entire scene.

I’ll share a few of you that are some of the biggest names.


From an MC standpoint, STAYC is admired because of their live performance talents.

What’s probably even more impressive is that they had members who were famous before joining the group.

Le Sserafim.

This group captures the heart of their fans by having a transparent attitude.

As said by 20wattmagazine, they define them as having a “Bold Sound” as rookies.

And Brave Girls.

They’re criticized by having a name that matches their core values.

They proved that they could stand the test of time when dealing with fans that love you the first day and move on even quicker (the next).

They had a video that went viral as you can see below.

A Brief History

There’s a good chance that if you’re searching for K-Pop related information, you might know something already.

Either way, its always a good idea to brush up on the history to know where an art came from.

Specifically Self Produced

On top of the groups that make a majority of the K-Pop hits, there’s also a select group of bands that self produce their music as well.

Example: IU

One of the most legendary k-pop artists around, and is a perfect example for this analysis is IU.

Final Thoughts

These points should sum up what was said throughout the post.

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