Can I sell song lyrics online? (6 talking points)

I’ll be answering if you can sell song lyrics online.

Can I sell song lyrics online?

Yes, and Songbay is one of the first platforms that come to mind when looking for a place to sell your lyrics, however, there’s also larger companies available, such as Universal, that’s been known to pay well. If you wanna get your work reviewed first, check out a feedback form of some sort beforehand. If you succeed with this venture, you can take pride in being called a lyricist.

Consider Songbay

Songbay is a company based in the UK that on average receives a rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 in terms of user experience.


Universal is a leading music publisher with numerous artists and songwriters that represent a variety of different genres.

Feedback forum

Title: Lyricist

According to songbay, they only accept lyrics that have originality, and meaning.

Also, they’ll reject your work if you have messages that promote hate, discrimination of religion, sexuality and things alike.

When would it help you?

Selling lyrics online would help for a number of different reasons.

For example, you may want to make some quick cash, or even try to make a staple on the craft you want to identify with.

Where can I sell them?

You can sell on many different great sites.

Some sell on Songbay, Lyrics (dot) com, and other freelancing websites as well.

What royalties can I get?

There’s a few different deals that come to mind when you think of royalties.

There’s 50-50 deals, also known as synch fees in where 50% goes to the writers, and the other 50 goes to the publisher.

There’s also mechanical royalties that you can receive as well.

And finally performance royalties.

What’s the pay for these lyrics?

The rate at which they pay songwriters are thought of to be pretty low in terms of upfront payment you’ll receive.

Artists have been very vocal about getting less than 10% of a dollar in terms of what they get per stream.

But as we see, different deals get different earnings.

Why would you have trouble selling?

The main reason you’re probably having trouble selling your lyrics are due to the quality.

Final Thoughts

To sum things up, you can absolutely sell your lyrics online.

There’s just a few points to consider when you decide to do so.

  • What type of lyrics make the cut
  • When is selling lyrics a good idea
  • Where are lyrics sold
  • What royalties are available
  • What’s the pay
  • Why would you have trouble selling

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