is geralt of rivia an anti hero (4 points explained)

Today we’ll look at if geralt of rivia is an anti hero.

is geralt of rivia an anti hero

He has a few times in the series where he’s had to make choices that teeter totter between good and evil, but he’s good. A traditional hero. He’s the main protagonist of the story and has flaws like any other warrior. If you a clear villain, it’s Vilgefortz.

Main protagonist

Geralt of rivia is the main character that professionally hunts the monster, and because of that is known as a witcher.

On the side of good

He’s known as someone that has hero traits but chooses to hide them when it’s convenient.


Vilgefortz is a clear villain in the series because he’s considered a traitor.

He tried to remove Ciri’s placenta and torture her.

Law of Surprise

The characters in the Witcher seem to fall under this “spell” of having the Law of Surprise happening to them.

What is that you might ask?

It’s simply facing adversity.

Final Thoughts

These points should help you form an opinion on if Geralt Rivia is an antihero.

Let’s revisit

  • Main protagonist
  • On the side of good
  • Vilgefortz
  • Law of Surprise

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