The best yu gi oh series (Revealed)

I’ll be explaining what the best yu gi oh series is in the whole show.

The best yu gi oh series

The best Yu gi oh series is Yu Gi Oh GX. But there’s a lot of battles in different parts of the series that make it entertaining, a personal favorite’s Yugi vs Kaiba in the battle city arc. If you play the trading card game or plan on it, it’ll be best to start watching Duel Monsters.

Yu Gi Oh GX

Collectively speaking, most fans would agree that GX is better than the original duel monsters series.

Yugi vs. Kaiba (Battle City)

Yugi vs Kaiba is probably the most iconic matchup in the show, so as expected it makes my list of the best duel.

They have plenty of matchups in the show, but the best is battle city.

Where To Start

The best place to start watching the show would undeniably be season 1.

This is the part where you learn all of the basics needed to play the actual card game.


The TCG (or trading card game) is the crux of the whole show.

Most fans of the series actually play the game themselves (which is brilliant).

Final Thoughts

This should explain effectively what the best Yu Gi Oh series is out of all of them.

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