What makes a rapper a MC? (4 points explained)

Today I’ll be answering what makes a rapper a MC.

Funny story about the picture above.

This is a still image of a performance that I was in where I had original lyrics on a beat that was already made.

What makes a rapper a MC?

There’s quite of bit of history relating to the art of emceeing, but as a rapper, you have to be able to have a voice that performs with the assistance of a DJ. They’re crowd pleasers and can work an entire body of people at once. They usually perform original material.

Performing under a DJ

A DJ/MC combo is one of the biggest relationships that you can nurture as a rapper.

Crowd Pleasers

Rappers as emcees are expected to be able to control a crowd.

Original Material

One aspect of a rapper that makes them unique as an emcee is that they typically perform their own original material.

Brief Timeline

The history of emceeing in hip hop and rap has a rich timeline that’s held plenty of milestones since the beginning.

Final Thoughts

These points should sum up what it takes to be an emcee as a rapper.

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