why did cleveland leave family guy (4 points explained)

Today we’ll be looking at why Cleveland left family guy.

why did cleveland leave family guy

The voice actor who played him in the earlier seasons left because he felt a person of color should play the role. This allowed for the spin-off to be made. Family guy was seeing a decline, and Cleveland was seeing a rise in popularity. As one of the characters we care about Cleveland also had the “right” events happen to have a close story by to the original.

Cleveland Show

The Cleveland Show was the first and only spin-off of the Family Guy series to date.

The show has its fair share of ups and downs, but if we’re being honest, it had the same bag of tricks that family guy had.

The only difference is that it was a black family with the leftover material from the original.

It worked in terms of being able to get some jokes off that was more relatable to a untapped audience.

But the similarities was obvious.

Even with the addition of American Dad, you was able to have a cookie cutter approach to making different family guys.

And they’re the main example because they were first.

When it all falls down

There was a point in 2005 (according to Reddit users) where family guy seemed to be less popular than what it was.

Family guy was only approaching its 4th season in 2005.

And I agree about the show having a noticeable decline at that point in time.

It actually has 30 episodes that make it’s season (The longest to date).

It’s a fair take considering that the show was coming back from a double cancellation that it was fighting in season 2 and 3.

The problem that I believe it had at this point is actually something that even the music industry has, over-saturation.

His popularity

Cleveland has consistently been seen as a popular character on the show, and it rightly justified his case to have a show of his own.

The “Right” Chain of Events

If you followed Cleveland’s stories in Family Guy, you could see it set him up to have a show at least on par with the original show.

Final Thoughts

These points should explain effectively why Cleveland left family guy.

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