Why do black people have curly hair? (4 points explained)

Today I’ll be explaining why black people have curly hair.

Why do black people have curly hair?

Black people have curly hair because of high amounts of keratin protein. But looking at it deeper, there’s a couple different ways it’s evolved. The first is through sexual selection. The second is environment. The best way to keep hair healthy and prevent the fibers from drying out is to lubricate your hair.

Keratin Protein

You might have noticed that your hair looks really curly at one point, and chances are it’s because of keratin protein.

Keratin is the proteins that’s in your hair.

That, and the moisture that you gather naturally is responsible for curling your hair.

If your hair is unusually frizzy, and you’re trying to soften it more, there’s procedures called keratin treatments that could help.

Evolution through sexual selective pressure

Evolution of curly hair is suggested to have happen because of sexual selective pressure.

The term is exactly how it’s suggested.

Hair (especially for black purple) started shifting in many different ways.

And particularly got curlier as different races started having more children.

This phenomena was specifically an occurrence with the Saharan natives.

Sun Protection

Natural selection through environment in relation to curly hair happens to cool your head down in warmer climates.

Adaptive evolution is yet another thing that happened in Africa by its inhabitant (due to the intense heat they would experience).

There’s many different types of hair that represent black people.

But if we break it down to the earliest of humans, homosapiens evolved.

Plain and simple.

Lube might be wise

As mentioned above, the curly hair evolved to protect against the sun.

And with that, it dries out.

But the best way to protect it is to lubricate.

I personally prefer using mango butter.

Amazon has a variety of different variations of this product, but pick any that catches your eye.

Final Thoughts

These should be the points that explain why black people have curly hair.

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