Russia backs up Assad (5 analysis points)

I’ll be looking at why Russia supports Assad even after the chemical attack?

Russia backs up Assad

Russia’s been getting pressure to be distant with Assad. Their role in their support increased when the Arab Spring occurred, allowing them to test out their military power. I think it’s an opportunistic move on their end to have a say in political affairs (globally). It’s a situation to be careful about because it could be repeated in a similar scenario with Germany and Iran.

Russia’s pressure for distance

The United States, France and Germany were pressuring Russia to stop its involvement with Syria.

Arab Spring

The Arab spring was the series of rebellion that happened in various countries such as North Africa and the Middle East.

Military test in power

There’s a chance that Russia’s part in wanting to be involved is to test their advancements with their military.

Say so in global politics

There’s also a chance that Russia was pulling an opportunistic approach in wanting to be looked at as a global leader.

Chemical Attack Plot

There was a chemical attack that was stopped in Germany as a pair of Iranians tried attacking a chemical plant.

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