What’s your lifestyle? (3 points explored)

We’ll be looking at a few points that help you understand what your lifestyle is.

What is your lifestyle?

Your lifestyle is made up out of the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of life. They’re the points that give us humanity and make life worth living. Combining them all together define your status in relation to health.


This aspect of health should be dependent on your physical condition.

With DreadHeadJay being the content manager that’s open with his life, he decided to share his assessment with you all.


Mental health is made up of all the things that has you functioning mentally.

There’s a variety of battles that people all across the world face when dealing with mental health.

Anxiety, PTSD, Schizophrenia, and many other problems.

But did you know that there’s natural ways to fight these occurrences?

For example, there’s people who actually claim that watching horror movies calms their anxiety.


The spiritual aspect of your health can be how in tune you are with a higher power.

Final Thoughts

Your lifestyle equals your health, and it’s made out of the physical, mental and spiritual points.

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