What’s your physical condition (#1 assessment)

We’ll be looking at my physical condition.

I feel extra qualified because of my background with sports.

Check out my about me to get further insight, but it will be mentioned plenty on this page.

What’s your physical condition

Coming from the perspective of the content manager of the site, this is from a former athlete that has affiliates who are associated with physical activity in some way, shape or form. The smith machine available at my residence makes physical health an exciting challenge in itself.


With myself being a former division 3 athlete, it’s understandable that I would be in tuned with sports.

Wrestling was the sport that I was apart of since middle school, but I watch many different sports.

I’ll watch football, basketball, and even golf.

I can even contribute all of those sports to me having generally good health.

General exercise

This section will cover things related to working out without having to rely on a team or anything alike for motivation.

Body image

This portion is more for the rewards that you get from focusing your efforts on maintaining good physical health.

Final Thoughts

With the great decision to participate in sports, and being able practice general exercise at home is convenient.

It works out for helping my general health and helped with my confidence in my body image.

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