why did broly attack whis? (My theory)

I’ll be giving my theory on why Broly attacked Whis.

This is a point in time that happened in the Dragon Ball Super Broly movie.

After Broly had an exploding fight with both Goku and Vegeta, it lead to a lot of destruction on the planet.

He got to Frieza, and even got to attack Whis.

why did broly attack whis?

Because he was blinded with rage. From the point where he left the ship to confront “Kakarot,” and his father wanting revenge on Vegeta, he attacked any and everybody. He even attacked Frieza, the person who helped set up the scrap anyway. So that proves he was just with any confrontation, regardless of who they were.

Final Thoughts

When Broly was in a rage, it was too difficult to reason with him.

And at that point, everyone was a target, that’s why the universe was in jeopardy off a fight.

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