Child’s Play 2019 explained (With Original Song)

Welcome to the Child’s Play 2019 explained post.

Song name is troubleshoot

Enjoy the original song I made that references Chucky.

Instructions to reach the full song is down below.

Child’s Play 2019 explained

The origin story for Chucky is different from the original, but it still is a pretty fun movie. It sets things up to have a sequel. It’s actually a refreshing spin on making the killer doll a modern stamp in horror.

Child’s Play 2019 Summary

Chucky controls the Buddi dolls and sends them on a killing spree inside a store.

A Familiar Story

There’s differences between the 2019 and 1988 version, but the similarity is still the relationship between Chucky and Andy.

Final Thoughts

Full song for the troubleshoot snippet can be found by clicking here.

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