Why does Michael Myers breathe so hard? (Explained)

Today we’ll look at why does Michael Myers breathe so hard.

Why does Michael Myers breathe so hard?

Michael does this out of excitement for the kill. The only time he actually speaks in the mask is as a kid, but into adulthood he breathes heavily also when his anger rises or when performing an extreme physical activity.

Excited for the kill

Michael is known to be a super fast walker when going after his victims.

That alone should be the reason he breathes so heavy.

Part of the attraction that makes Michael so scary is the fact that even though he’s a thought, he still is human.

And being a human, you still do have to breathe, “capturing the human side of Michael” you could say.

Fans and critics alike mention the fact that you can hear Michael breathe pretty heavy in the 1978 Halloween movie.

He spoke as a kid

Michael has been known to be very silent in every movie that he’s been in.

In fact, the only time we even hear him speak is in Rob Zombie’s portrayal of him in Halloween 1 and 2.

This actually provides context in the sense that we again get that sense of his humanity.

The sadness he had of having to stay in the facility until he snaps and goes completely silent.

The interest for most fans is again being silent in all interactions he has.

The only time it’s different is when sometimes moans or grunts when getting beat.

Final Thoughts

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