Why is Michael Myers referred to as The Shape? (4 points Explained)

I’ll be explaining why is Michael Myers referred to as The Shape?

One of the premier horror franchise icons in the history of the genre.

Michael Myers.

Why is Michael Myers referred to as The Shape?

It’s because John Carpenter says so. You can say that he’s considered to be a concept more than an actual human being, so it’s only appropriate to call him The Shape. Michael’s face was a mystery for most of his adult life to support the name for anyone who’s trying to make sense of the name. He’s had this name since the original Halloween.

John Carpenter says so

John Carpenter gave him this name as The Shape since the first Halloween.

He’s been very embracing of this nickname given to Michael Myers, one way it shows is in the song titles of albums.

One popular song that owns the name is The Shape Returns, as seen on the Halloween 2018 soundtrack.

Halloween 2018 soundtrack

Although that track is owned by Cody Carpenter, John made the first in the 1979 Halloween album titled The Shape Lurks.

Halloween Original album

The shape of a human

When we break down the name Michael Myers and what he stands for, you’ll understand that his allure is in his mystery.

It’s actually a double whammy.

He’s being covered in a mask and being known as someone that’s less than human, but at the same time being the shape of one.

It’s only right to be called The Shape at this point.

Michael’s Face of Mystery

His face is covered by an iconic mask and further solidifies the mystery of what he looks like.

When you’re dealing with a heartless killer that’s still technically considered a human, it seems only logical to call them The Shape.

There’s only a handful of times in where we as the audience gets to see what’s behind the mask of what makes Michael Myers.

With each movie, he loses humanity and could only be called something that’s less than human.

In this case John Carpenter coined the term The Shape.

The original Halloween

Ever since the original 1979 Halloween, we are introduced to Michael with this nickname.

At the end of the movie when the credits roll, Michael Myers’ name is even titled The Shape.

It’s likely to be intentional to communicate the message of calling him sub human.

You get detective Sam Loomis that spends the entirety of building up his name to build fear in anyone who comes across him.

He does it pretty well, and the director took it a step further by giving the audience a name that sticks.

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