Why does ghostface use a knife? (Explained)

I’ll be explaining why does ghostface use a knife.

Why does ghostface use a knife?

Ghostface uses a knife in order to either harm or kill his victims.

Buck 120 knife

Ghostface uses a buck 120 knife when he attacks his victims.

This particular knife is mainly used for sport and hunting.

It has a narrow shape that makes the blade and cuts in a curved pattern.

It’s an American brand blade that has multiple designs.

One of the most popular knives is the Buck 110.

The Buck 110 was first invented in 1963, and was at first made to hunt duck and deer.

Some of the models that are the hottest on the market are as followed:

  • Buck 112
  • Buck Legacy Collection
  • Buck 263
  • Buck 110
  • Buck 500
  • Buck Vantage

Final Thoughts

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